Friday, May 13, 2016

Last Day of School

Well, it's summer.  (insert mixed emotions emoji here)

I think it will be a good one.  We have a lot going on, so I hope it won't seem too stagnant.  

Anyway, my kids grew (who knew!) between the first day and the last day of school.  I love a good comparison, so here ya go:

Just like last year, it's Harper's legs that make her look so much older. She's in the goofy stage where she cannot muster a true smile for a photo - she's always trying way too hard, or moving. :)

 And little Quinnie - she couldn't even walk on the first day!  Now she won't stop :)

I love these little sisters so so so so much! 

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  1. The last days of school are always touchy and one of the most important days in an individuals life.these days are special and lovely.loved this! lots of love from spain.


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